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The 886 Proflame Control has the same functions as the 880 control except that it includes HI/LO knob for manual flame height adjustment. This SIT Proflame remote control transmitter was used on many direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves and has the ability to control several features. Wiring Harness For SIT Proflame 2 SystemCross ReferenceAmbiance Fireplaces:American Hearth (Empire): R11524Archgard:Brigantia (Archgard):Continental: W750-0276EMPIRE COMFORT SYSTEMS: R11524Hampton: 911-173Kingsman Fireplaces: 1006-P920si /SIKozy heat:// 700-563Marqu. The system can be progressively upgraded to include the control of the flame height, the fan speed, a remote actuated 120V auxiliary outlet. Used on many direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves. CAUTION Property Damage Hazard.

My remote control is not working. The fireplace flame does not turn on and off at the exact desired. My remote will not turn my fireplace off. Remote control transmitter for SIT Proflame 2.

Lighting, operation and care of this fireplace can be easily performed by the homeowner. It is as though the thermostat function button doesn&39;t work anymore. 026 transmitter until silver stock is available again. Wait 2 seconds and then use the up arrow to turn the flame back on. SIT Proflame GTRC Fireplace Remote Control with Thermostat and Manual On/Off Universal Fireplace Thermostat/On/Off Remote Control | OEM Kingsman, Marquis, and more! Metallic structures or radio interferences can reduce the operative distance of the device.

I have questions or issues with the RC300 wireless remote sit proflame remote manual control. If you have a unit manufactured prior to the change, please use STL-208 remote control and refer to. .

What is a proflame valve? Manufacture and reference part number on some of the direct vent gas burning fireplaces, stoves and inserts:. What is proflame GT?

How long will the batteries last? You can program this remote to your existing fireplace or stove. Manual Light control;. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sit (No.

The appliance can turn on suddenly. The low battery icon lit up on the remote and so I changed the batteries. Should the transmitter get misplaced, broken or not wanted the PF2 Module can be reset to a manual system.

• NOTE: Failure to follow these instructions could cause a malfunction of the fireplace, which could result in death, serious bodily injury, and/or property damage. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The Proflame remote Control System consists of two elements: 1. Sold by MN Warehouse Deals and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. 885 PROFLAME Fig. The Proflame remote control is supplied with an adapter for wall mounting.

Proflame Transmitter 2. Pricing and Details; 0584008. The Proflame is a modular remote control system that directs the many functions of today’s hearth appliances. For more Napoleon Products visit us at www. Proflame Remote Operation Tutorial. Remote:Receiver:.

SIT G-Fire Remote Control/ 0. Pricing and Details; 0199761. This manual covers installation, operation and maintenance.

Should work on Proflame 1 systems that use 0. The 880 Proflame Control provides basic ON/OFF operation of gas flow to the pilot and main burners of the heating appliance. Page 2 English The Proflame GT is a modular remote control system that directs the functions of a hearth appliance.

The control sit proflame remote manual is fitted with a HI/LO burner adjustment with a manually operated knob. Wait 2 seconds and then. functions of today’s hearth appliances. Free shipping for many products! For use in Natural Gas Applications.

Reset Using Receiver Switch: With the remote off, move the ON-REMOTE-OFF switch to the OFF position on the receiver box. See more results. 5 m above floor level, well away from heat sources, kitchens, doors or windows.

Make sure you look up which one you have, the part number in your manual will give you the correct remote. We have a Jotul GF 370 DVII with a proflame 2 remote. We have 1 Sit PROFLAME GT manual available for free PDF download: User And Installation Manual Sit PROFLAME GT User And Installation Manual (13 pages) Brand: Sit | Category: Remote Control | Size: 0. The Proflame controls are designed to be used with either LPG or Natural Gas and. Profl ame 2 Remote Control by SIT NOTE: ON/OFF Rocker Switch must be ON for the remote to operate. What is proflame remote control? After approximately 2 seconds press it again. Close the glass door.

It has worked wonderfully for the last 5 months. Brand new GFRC proflame Remote Control On/Off Innovated Hearth. 221 receiver is for the GT and GTM series remotes used by many different fireplace manufactures. The Proflame is specifically developed to be used together with the 820 NOVA mV multifunctional gas control or the 880 Proflame valve with 5 series Automatic Burner Control battery operated. REMOTE CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS IFC PROFLAME 2 REMOTE IFC PROFLAME 2 REMOTE BUTTONS: - Main ON/OFF switch - Main Burner Flame Modulation 6 Levels - Choice of continuous or intermittent pilot mode (intermittent is default mode) - Thermostat or smart thermostat functions. Turn manual shutoff valve counter-clockwise to on.

Remote Control’s command is accepted. Kit includes: Receiver, Wall cover plate, Switch, Instructions, and. Consult the building authority having jurisdiction to determine the need for a permit prior to commencing the installation.

Remote control transmitter for SIT Proflame 1. Pay special attention to all cautions, warnings, and. 040 SIT Controls Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter PF 2 CSA GTMFSLA an dcan be used to replace several differ SIT Remote Transmitters.

Turn on all electric power to the fireplace and re-install batteries into the Transmitter/Receiver, and/or Battery Backup Pack. The Proflame GT is configured to control the ON/OFF operation of the main burner and provides thermostatic control of the hearth appliance. The Profl ame 2 (STLis used with SIT valve components starting with Serial 13001. It is configured to control the on/off. Remote / Fireplace Proflame 1 transmitter (GTM ) at the best online prices at eBay! What is a proflame receiver?

Install the controller 1. After changing the batteries the thermostat function is gone. SIT Natural Gas Pilot Assembly 51 NG 0. ProFlame 584 Upgrade Kit If you have either of the following Remote or Receiver they have been replaced by a new style Remote-Receiver System. This control must be installed in accordance with the rules in force. Pricing and Details; 0199767. Page 12: Dimensional Drawings DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS PROFLAME Transmitter REMOTE Wall mounted REMOTE Hearth mounted PROFLAME Receiver Dimensions are in.

PROPANE Pilot Assembly, ( LP Gas ) 0. The system includes the control of the flame height, sit proflame remote manual the fan speed and a remote. 022 as shown in the picture on our site.

The GTMF Proflame is a modular remote control system that directs the many PROFLAME 2 TRANSMITTER USE AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. TECHNICAL DATA IMPORTANT The Proflame Transmitter is an integrated part of the Proflame System, which consists of these elements: Remote Control • Proflame Transmitter, to be used in conjunction with • Integrated Fireplaces Control (Proflame IFC) Supply voltage 4. Features: Battery operated transmitter and receiver; Blue LCD display; Child safety lockout; Low battery alarm; Temperature°C°F) Description:. 5 sit proflame remote manual V batteries) Ambient temperature ratings 0 - 50 °C°F) The Proflame Transmitter provides for.

The SIT part number is on the white sticker on the back of the remote. Gas valves DO NOT have return privileges. Reset Using the Remote Flame Adjustment buttons: In the manual mode, use the down arrow to lower the flame all the way to OFF. Alternate Part Numbers: SIT:, 0. TRANSMITTER (Remote Control with LCD Display) The Proflame Transmitter uses a streamline design with a simple button layout and informative LCD Display (Fig. Pricing and Details; 0584022.

Make sure you know if your system is a Proflame 2 or Proflame 1, they are different remotes. The Sit 82 Control Valve will replace the following models of Gas Valves by SIT Controls: Model 820. Look at the number on the back side of the remote for your remote part number if it is. Fully loaded full function remote with the following features (for compatible fireplace features)• For use with SIT Proflame 1 or 2 systems• On/Off • Thermostat • Smart Thermostat • Flame Adjustment • Fan Operation • Accent Light Adjustment • Continuous pilot/ Intermittent pilot operation• Split Flow (sometimes refer.

This item: SIT GTRC Proflame Fireplace Remote Control Thermostat | Kingsman, Marquis 9. The Proflame Transmitter was used by several manufacturers on millivolt gas valve systems to control the gas valve and adjust or modulate the flame height by controlling the stepper motor on the gas valve. Sit Proflame remote receiverCross ReferenceAmerican Hearth (Empire): R11235Astria (IHP): H8564Avalon (Travis Industries):Continental: W/ W/ W/ W660-0099Enviro: 50-Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis Industries):Ironstrike (IHP): H7277Jotul: 222928Kingsman Fireplaces: 1001-P2. - Accent light modulation 6 levels (not used). 5 V (three AAA LR03 1. 885 proflame FAMILY CODE 885 Automatic gas control system for direct heating appliances battery operated. Turn “On” Switch that operates the Main Burner. The PROFLAME System complements any 820 NOVA millivolt Combination Gas Control.

SIT Proflame Remote Control Receiver (584. SIT Natural Gas Pilot Assembly 62 NG 0. operation of the main burner and to provide thermostatic control of the appliance. Resetting Proflame II Module for Manual Use.

Electronic driven system that control all functions like ignition, flame detection and modulation. · SitGas Fireplace Remote Proflame 1 Transmitter (GTM ). How far away from the fireplace can I be and activate the fireplace with a remote control? 2 Remote control Fig. The 886 Proflame valve is a low-consumption multi-functional gas control for use in Natural Gas appliances that utilize an automatic ignition system with battery back-up technology. SIT Proflame Transmitter 0.

Resetting Proflame IFC Module When In Lock Out: Reset Using the Transmitter ON/OFF power button: Turn the system off by pressing the remote power button. A manual on/off switch or thermostat may be installed at the X4 connector (this connection is Jumped at the. Features: Type: Manual Valve.

. 647 View Details. 95 Only 7 left in stock - order soon. If using a Remote Control refer to Remote Control Operation Manual for activation. 026 Sit Proflame Remote Transmitter is currently only available in the Charcoal Blac color and this item will be sent for the Silver 0. Manual and retain it for your future reference. LP Valve SKU is 820-651.

instructions in this manual first. Proflame Receiver and wiring harness to connect the Receiver to the gas valve. Detailed instructions on how to use the Napoleon Proflame 2 Fireplace Remote Control.

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