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When this overlaps the bearing zone pressing the left mouse button will fire a spread. However, unlike double. This a Short tutorial focusing on the basics of Aircraft carriers, and how to manual drop torpedoes! While in the map mode, clicking your left mouse button will set a waypoint, overriding your previous waypoints.

This is incredibly useful to calculate the amount of lead you should give a target. · The manual drop launch during beta was much closer. Defending Against Rushes. the CV botching a manual run by trying to assign or change the drop target while his plane is already past the run threshold, causing it to bounce and try to do a slow fly around so it can try to attempt the run a second time, which it will probably also botch because plane AI is dumb as bricks: ctrl+click his air group and blow it out of the. Pressing the torpedo select key when they are already selected toggles between a wide spread and a narrow spread. Note that if a ship is spotted and is in torpedo detection range world of warships how to manually drop torpedoes while launching torpedoes, the torpedoes are also spotted. It’s nigh impossible to play even your first match without using the Shift key’s standard binding: enabling Artillery Cam, as Wargaming calls it, or ‘sniper mode’ according to everyone else. World of Warships - free-to-play naval warfare-themed massively multiplayer game from Wargaming.

EvenLease44 11,014 views. When facing a spread of torpedoes, there are three main options: 1. The cone is not the wrong direction. Avoiding Friendly Fire. The commander skill Vigilanceis great for spotting enemy torpedoes sooner and with the high stealth of these torpedoes, any advantage is helpful. The most well known use for the ALT key is the distance and hang time indicator. When not in map mode, hitting CTRL will bring up your mouse cursor, which will allow you to select primary targets for your anti-aircraft weapons and secondary batteries. the leading torpedo is just to far ahead to ever hit anything in any situation ever and the one to the rear of them would only hit if they for some reason stopped and turned into it.

However, Shift + LMB will allow you to set up to five waypoints. Kitakami is an unusual cruiser, with her main armament consisting of 5 quadruple torpedo launchers on each side. Aircraft carriers can be played once you reach tier 4 and there are currently two nations that have aircraft carriers, USN (The United States Navy) and the IJN (Imperial. If nothing else, if your torpedo hits an ally it cannot hit an enemy! When in a ships that has main guns, pressing ALT will bring up an estimation of distance and travel.

The aircraft created from the Catapult Fighter and Fighter consumables will follow their host ship, while Patrol Fighters will remain where they were activated. Boost will automatically regenerate when not bein. This is primarily due to their defensive fire cooldown, which when popped will turn all of your auto-targeting batteries and AA guns towards the skies. the further the torpedoes run the closer they come together. If an enemy ship is targeted, a white cone shows the angle at which the torpedo spread will hit the center of the enemy ship, provided it maintains its current speed and heading. Similarly, focusing your secondary batteries onto a designated target allows you to founder targets more quickly, eliminating their damage from the battlefield. They&39;ve got good maneuverability, heavier duty arms and armor than destroyers, and are much world of warships how to manually drop torpedoes faster and more flexible in purpose then battleships. · Episode 21 covers the basics for manual torpedo and dive bombing.

Learn how I do it in just over 3 minutes! Continue reading. ♦ Join me on Twitch for more fun! Torpedoes are the number one cause of lethal friendly fire incidents. The problem with the manual drop is that the planes dont have to make any sort of "attack run". Before Torpedoes Are Spotted.

Catapult Fighter, Fighter, Patrol Fighters and Spotting Aircraft. Unable to manually drop torpedoes w/ Carrier Discussion Hoping that someone can help me, I am getting back into learning carrier again and I keep seeing that you can manually fire torps w/ the Left Alt key. A bit counter intuitive yes but CV captains assume everyone is sailing at top speed so it usually messes with them when you don&39;t. In battle, destroyers can use smoke screens; which allows them to cover its own torpedo attack or hide allied ships. Always be aware of allies both in front of and beyond your target. Yet by the very nature of their arms and armament they find themselves vulnerable at nearly all ranges to those willing to put the proper foot forward in terms of strategy. When Torpedoes Are Spotted. · Players must know the draft of their opponent to avoid wasting torpedoes.

While the usefulness of this in a destroyer is questionable, it is very handy to ensure your carrier is constantly moving, while avoiding islands and hostiles (in that order). This skill is only available for cruisers that have d. Though a bit more cumbersome. Torpedoes are their greatest strength, but using them well requires a captain also be good at playing the class as a whole. Stealth Torpedoing. Secondly, once you take control of a carrier you jump to an entirely different top-down perspective on the battlefield highly reminiscent of a modern RTS featuring other players that likely see an entirely different perspective from yours. Plunging fire is what happens when you extend that distance to the range of the average World of Warships map, which means that you&39;re aiming so high and at such a range that the rounds actually arc on a dramatic downward angle.

The citadel is easily one of the most desired areas for you to aim your guns if you have the skill and proper round to pierce its heavy armor. Turn in the direction that will get you parallel faster if one is clearly world faster---for example, if you are already close to parallel or you are already c. If you nail any warship with a salvo or even a single torpedo you&39;ll deal massive damage regardless of their armor or type of ship. And yes, you can use ALT to manually set the point where the torpedo run will start, making it possible to begin closer to your target. Destroyers are fast ships with world of warships how to manually drop torpedoes extremely light armor, capable of using both torpedoes and smaller deck guns than their big brothers.

You can also use manual drop by holding Alt in order to increase accuracy. Meaning the wide side is where the drop happens. The skill is currently under review. When your crosshair is placed over an enemy, pressing this button will radio for your allies to fire on your designated target and put a large red arrow above their ship.

· The game features aspects similar to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, having several types of military ships fulfilling different roles within teamed player versus player battles. Torpedo Bombers carry air-dropped torpedoes that can cause floods, and are best suited against slower, less maneuverable targets. If an enemy is trying to rush and torpedo you at close range, consider these tips: 1. They can go as far as 4. The game play of CVs is obviously completely different from other ships. At the start of the battle it&39;s best to hit &39;P&39; to disable your automated AA and batteries early in the match.

They will then be unable to repair any flooding caused by your torpedoes, leading to extra damage. When a carrier, sometimes you need to launch, land, or give orders to all your aircraft at once. Air-to-air combat is performed automatically through the usage of the Fighter, Catapult Fighter () and Patrol Fighter consumables. In the new episode, we&39;d like to tell you about torpedoes, the most dangerous and efficient.

0 Release of Reworked CV&39;s this video is now Outdated ----- Made it to tier 6? Pointing one&39;s bow or stern towards the direction of expected threats will reduce the target area. Press Alt, it&39;ll let you pick the location and direction for the drop.

Generally the narrow spread is more useful when attacking specific ships. Sticking together as a group is a vital part of any match, and when your enemy inevitably follows the same strategy, your HUD can fill up quickly. However, the magic of the shift button on carriers does not stop there. You may be able to sink them before they launch; disab. · World of Warships is a game where you play as your favorite warships from history and work with your team to defeat the enemy in different scenarios. The desired aim direction is shown with a red line. · Just testing the times it takes to change directions when manually dropping torpedoes in World of Warships.

Cruisers really stand out for their ability to rinse through enemy aircraft. This allows them to fire torpedoes at a target without being detected by that target, making this a relatively safe method of employing torpedoes. . Squadrons are steered using a combination of the mouse and the "A" and "D" keys.

· my only complaint lies with torpedo planes. Attack Aircraft utilize a large number of small-caliber rockets to light fires and strike fast, maneuverable vessels that are lightly armored. · It’s not broken, it’s action-reaction then why don&39;t american bombers do it? Regardless of what ship class you have selected, the ALT key should be as important as your left mouse button.

Catapult Fighter () and Spotting Aircraft () cannot be controlled by the player, and move around the map automatically. Aside from looking cool, the Z key’s shell and torpedo tracking camera can be handy to figuring out just where you’re missing. So while you wait for your requested nerf etc. When in doubt, hold your fire. A Yorktown-class strike aircraft carrier that combined a number of key characteristics typical for this type of ship: a large air group, superbly assembled take-off and landing equipment that allowed it to launch a large number of squadrons, good speed, and powerful AA defenses.

Unlike the ALT key that has a wide variety of uses, CTRL finds itself more in the one-trick pony category. See more results. They still drop their payloads it completely unrealistic ways and it is often very hard to notice if a plane has even dropped its load apart from the stupid 90 degree turn they do when they drop their torps from 700m above the surface of the ocean (according to game distance). By the same token, if you world of warships how to manually drop torpedoes hit an enemy with torpedoes and cause flooding, the enemy will be obligated to use Damage Control Party---a perfect time to set them on fire or cause more flooding! How many torpedoes in a launcher? And finally, no, you can not influence the drop pattern/spread width of a single squadron. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

The traverse rate of torpedo launchers is generally quite fast, but finite. . A highlight shows the current direction and spread of the launcher. It&39;s a unique approach to integrating.

World of warships how to manually drop torpedoes

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